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CA Sculpture

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Buffalo Hunter
Joe Beeler
'Buffalo Hunter'
14 Inches High

Never Walk When You Can Ride
Joe Beeler
'Never Walk When You Can Ride'
14 Inches High by 21 Inches Wide

Chief Goes to Washington
Joe Beeler
'Chief Goes to Washington'
22 Inches High

Love At First Sight
Joe Beeler
'Love At First Sight'
13 Inches High by 11 Inches Wide

Where Have All My People Gone
Joe Beeler
'Where Have All My People Gone'
38 Inches High by 12 Inches Wide

Big Horn Book Study
Joe Beeler
'Big Horn Book Study'
12 Inches High

First Family
Joe Beeler
'First Family'
10 Inches High

Whiskey Guard
Joe Beeler
'Whiskey Guard'
24 High by 18.5 Long by 12 Wide

Spring Creek
Fred Fellows
'Spring Creek'
24 Inches High

The Beaver Crossing
Fred Fellows
'The Beaver Crossing'
20 Inches High

Designated Driver
Fred Fellows
'Designated Driver'
14 Inches High

Start Of A Long Day
Fred Fellows
'Start Of A Long Day'
21 Inches High by 19 Inches Long

Half The Battle
Fred Fellows
'Half The Battle'
9 Inches High

Down From The High Country
Fred Fellows
'Down From The High Country'
20 Inches Long

An Honest Day's Work
Fred Fellows
'An Honest Day's Work'
35 Inches High

Crazy Horse
Fred Fellows
'Crazy Horse'
9 Inches High by 12 Inches Wide

Life In The Fast Lane
Fred Fellows
'Life In The Fast Lane'
10 Inches High by 33 Inches Long

Beneath the Eagle's Wings
Fred Fellows
'Beneath the Eagle's Wings'
32 Inches High

Celebrating A Business Deal
Fred Fellows
'Celebrating A Business Deal'
6 Inches High

No Bed of Roses
Fred Fellows
'No Bed of Roses'
23 Inches High

Haunts Of Eagles
Fred Fellows
'Haunts Of Eagles'
21 Inches High by 19 Inches Wide

Riding Out a Bad Investment
Fred Fellows
'Riding Out a Bad Investment'
15 Inches High by 13 Inches Long

Riding Out A Bad Investment-1/2 Lifesize
Fred Fellows
'Riding Out A Bad Investment-1/2 Lifesize'
63 Inches High by 52 Inches Long--1/2 Lifesize

Sticking With The Game Plan
Fred Fellows
'Sticking With The Game Plan'
16 Inches High

Up On The Wrong Side Of The Bed
Fred Fellows
'Up On The Wrong Side Of The Bed'
13.5 Inches High

Viva Tequila
Fred Fellows
'Viva Tequila'
17 Inches High

When The Honeymoon Is Over
Fred Fellows
'When The Honeymoon Is Over'
14 Inches High

With No Roof but a Resistol
Bruce Greene
'With No Roof but a Resistol'
27 by 27 Inches

Under God
Bruce Greene
'Under God'
25 Inches High

Bruce Greene
13 Inches High by 16 Inches Long by 7 Inches Wide

A Cowboy's Carnegie Hall
Bruce Greene
'A Cowboy's Carnegie Hall'

An Old Dog And A New Trick
Bruce Greene
'An Old Dog And A New Trick'
19 Inches High by 13 Inches Wide by 13 Inches Depth

Cowboy's Halo
Bruce Greene
'Cowboy's Halo'
20 Inches High

No Trip To Paris
Bruce Greene
'No Trip To Paris'
12.5 Inches High

It`s a Cinch, Its Trouble
Herb Mignery
'It`s a Cinch, Its Trouble'
22 by 30 by 18 Inches

Tack Room Bandit
Herb Mignery
'Tack Room Bandit'
9 by 7 by 11 Inches

The Deciding Moment
Herb Mignery
'The Deciding Moment'
11 by 20 by 7 Inches

The Hermit of Indian Ridge
Herb Mignery
'The Hermit of Indian Ridge'
9 by 4 by 5 Inches

The Last Gate
Herb Mignery
'The Last Gate'
27 by 14 by 19 Inches

When Slickers Turn Tides
Herb Mignery
'When Slickers Turn Tides'
18 by 29 by 14 Inches

Colors Of A Cowboy
Herb Mignery
'Colors Of A Cowboy'
30 by 9.5 by 17 Inches

Hashknife Pony Express
Herb Mignery
'Hashknife Pony Express'
15 In. High by 27 In. Long

Horse Play
Herb Mignery
'Horse Play'
3.5 In. High

Raid at Victoria
Herb Mignery
'Raid at Victoria'
13 inches high

Horse Thief
Bill Nebeker
'Horse Thief'
15 by 15 by 10 Inches

Renegade on the Move
Bill Nebeker
'Renegade on the Move'
21 by 13 by 8 Inches

Comanche, Lord of the Southern Plains
Bill Nebeker
'Comanche, Lord of the Southern Plains'
27 by 25 by 12 Inches

Kwahadi Comanche - He Who Fights
Bill Nebeker
'Kwahadi Comanche - He Who Fights'
16 by 8 inches by 14 inches high

I'm Your Huckleberry
Bill Nebeker
'I'm Your Huckleberry'
10 by 10 inches by 24 inches high

Face of a Proud People
Bill Nebeker
'Face of a Proud People'
26.5 by 16 Inches, by 7 Inches Deep

This Romance is Over
Bill Nebeker
'This Romance is Over'
22 inches high

Remnant of the Past
Bill Nebeker
'Remnant of the Past'
10 inches high

Lines of Communication
Bill Nebeker
'Lines of Communication'
19 inches high

Invoking the Buffalo Spirit
Bill Nebeker
'Invoking the Buffalo Spirit'
15 inches high

Death of the Bow
Bill Nebeker
'Death of the Bow'
29 inches high by 12 inches wide by 6 inches deep

Saddles & Chaps Bookends
Bill Nebeker
'Saddles & Chaps Bookends'
10 inches high

Ridin' The High Lonesome
Bill Nebeker
'Ridin' The High Lonesome'
25 inches high

Good Horses - Fast Loops
Bill Nebeker
'Good Horses - Fast Loops'
17 inches high

Down From The Stronghold
Bill Nebeker
'Down From The Stronghold'
19 inches high

Apache Lookout
Bill Nebeker
'Apache Lookout'
6 feet 6 inches high

Donny & Bill, A Family Tradition
Bill Nebeker
'Donny & Bill, A Family Tradition'
11 by 11 by 9 Inches

Home is the Hunter, Home from the Hill
Bill Nebeker
'Home is the Hunter, Home from the Hill'
22 by 8 inches by 19 inches high

Scatterin' Salt
Bill Nebeker
'Scatterin' Salt'
21 Inches High

Them That Lean to Lonesome
Bill Nebeker
'Them That Lean to Lonesome'
20 H by 14W by 6D

High Tailin' It
Bill Nebeker
'High Tailin' It'
26 In. High

The Coup Robe
Bill Nebeker
'The Coup Robe'
14 In. High

Just Part Of The Job
Bill Nebeker
'Just Part Of The Job'
27 In. High

Workin' Partners
Bill Nebeker
'Workin' Partners'
13 In. High

Wranglin the Remuda
Bill Nebeker
'Wranglin the Remuda'
19 by 9 by 8 Inches

The Rubbing Rock
Bill Nebeker
'The Rubbing Rock'
7 Inches High

Tombstone Reckoning
Bill Nebeker
'Tombstone Reckoning'
20 by 15 by 6 Inches

Oh - That Buck
Gene Zesch
'Oh - That Buck'
17.5 by 8.5 inches by 9 inches high

Trailside Galleries represents some of the best sculptors in the United States. Our Cowboy Artists of America sculptors include Joe Beeler, Fred Fellows, Bruce Greene, Herb Mignery, Bill Nebeker, and Fritz White. Their sculptures depict Native American Indians, cowboys, cowboy lifestyle, horses, cavalry, and wildlife.