Nancy Glazier
A Brand New Hope
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Nancy Glazier, b., Salt Lake City, Utah, (United States)

Nancy Glazier is recognized as one of North America’s premier wildlife artists.  Glazier knew early in life she would become an artist.  Self-taught, her childhood artistic efforts were praised by both parents and by the age of eighteen, she had left home, tutored art and supported herself selling her works.  Glazier continues on an endless quest, searching for beauty deep within the painted surface, bringing life and spirit into the dimensional aspect of her paintings. Glazier is best known for her magnificent paintings of North American wildlife in their natural habitat, portrayed amid majestic backdrops. With every brush stroke she communicates a deep commitment to the preservation of wildlife and the environment. The year 2000, however, brought about a new dimension to her work. Nancy explains, “In the spring of 2000, a season of new beginnings, an inner door flew open, and my first “left hand” wildlife paintings emerged.” Although not ambidextrous, Nancy’s new “left-handed” paintings combine her years of training with accessing her mind through new channels. These new works ensue on canvas a contemporary and fluid feel, each brush stroke expressing an intense vibrant beauty and inner energy. And as Nancy explores this new realm of design she reminds us that new beginnings allow us “to sing and to fly and to feel the wind through our fingertips…but only if we dare to explore the possibilities of change.”

Nancy and her husband Lee divide their time between homes in Nevada and the Fiji Islands, an exotic locale that has inspired recent “left handed paintings” of still-lifes, portraits and seascapes.

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