Michael Godfrey: In the San Juans
Press release


In the heart of the Rocky Mountains, where the sky meets the earth with an unyielding embrace, the San Juan Mountains rise like sentinels of time and testament to the geological ballet that shaped them. A tapestry of rugged grandeur unfolds, a realm where nature conducts a symphony of jagged peaks, alpine lakes that mirror the azure heavens, and cascading waterfalls that whisper secrets of eons past.

To venture into the San Juan Mountains is to embark on a journey through time and terrain, to witness the clash of continents and the artistry of erosion. It's an odyssey through a landscape that, despite the passage of time, stands as a living canvas, an ode to the enduring beauty of the natural world.

The aspen groves, a gallery of golden coins, quiver in the mountain breeze. Each leaf, a fleeting masterpiece painted in hues of gold and green, tells a story of seasons past and the promise of renewal. In the whispering groves, the fluttering leaves become a chorus, a rustling sonnet sung by the wind that sweeps through the lofty branches. It's a serenade to the changing seasons, a symphony of rustling whispers that echo through the valleys. - Michael Godfrey