Robert Duncan: An Exhibition of New Works
November 2023
Press release


Trailside Galleries is pleased to present  an online showcase of new works by renown Utah based painter Robert Duncan.  The event brings together a collection of recent studio paintings that touch on a variety on familial themes for Robert including Native American subjects, rural and figurative works as well as wildlife subjects.

An aspiring artist from an early age, it was Duncan’s childhood summers on his grandfather’s Wyoming cattle ranch that would deeply instill in him a love of nature and rural life that continues to be the central focus of his life and art today.  His career began to flourish in the early 1980’s after he was juried into the prestigious Cowboy Artists of America organization.  His subject matter then was primarily focused on Native Americans, specifically the Ute, Crow and Blackfeet tribes, and their interaction with the environment and nature.  Five years and several awards later, he resigned from the group in order to pursue other subjects, particularly rural and wildlife scenes inspired by his travels from the western United States to New England and Europe.

Robert has been painting for nearly fifty years, driven by a curiosity that has molded and defined his artwork.  He notes,  “Art to me is looking at everything with curiosity and treating life as a beautiful thing and wanting to take care of it and make it something special.”  He adds, “As I've planned these paintings, I've been thinking a lot about the power of beauty in our lives and how it is all around us in so many simple moments if we will just open our eyes and let it heal us and fill us with gratitude for this amazing world we live in!”