S.C. Mummert: Lipstick Lead & Leather
July 2 – 15, 2018
Jackson, Wyoming
Press release

Trailside Galleries is pleased to present S.C. Mummert in a showcase of all new works.    This showcase, titled Lipstick, Lead and Leather will feature a series of paintings inspired by vintage western imagery from the 1925-1955 period, closely mirroring what many consider the Golden Age of Western movies.

For this California based painter, cowboy culture has always been a passion.  A past President of one of the oldest riding organizations in Southern California and former board Member of the Olaf Wieghorst Museum, Mummert notes, “It’s who I am.  The rides I’ve been on, the cows I’ve pushed, the old timers I’ve talked with – it’s all great inspiration for my paintings.”

Mummert, who was mentored under painters Tom Ryan and John Asaro, has created a visually stimulating group of paintings after researching books by authors Will James and Ben Green and delving into this fascinating time period.   Mummert says, “The research into this material has grown into a real passion for the period.  I am just fascinated with the big hats, batwing chaps, bandanas and the general spirit of adventure that prevailed back then.”

Mummert has now collected many of the props from this vintage era to use in his newest paintings, including saddles, tack, spurs, and hats.  He hopes that the research and sheer delight of researching this fascinating era has worked its way onto his brushes and canvas for the viewers to enjoy.

Regardless of the time period he’s portraying, adventure and optimism are recurrent themes found in his work. Like Rockwell and Sundblom before him, Mummert’s paintings regularly offer us a world filled with an infectious enthusiasm and confidence to overcome.

Chris Mummert was recently invited to become a contributing writer to the world’s largest online Artist Guild’s Newsletter. In addition, he sets aside one weekend a year to teach at the Olaf Wieghorst Museum. The special two-day workshop is held for gifted students; each handpicked as the best in their class by San Diego County High School art teachers.