Trailside Galleries Presents an Offering of Important Western Art from a Private Collection
Summer 2023
Press release


Trailside Galleries is pleased offer a selection of works from a noted private collection. Over almost six decades, this California based couple built an exemplary collection of both historical and contemporary western art.

In particular, the gentleman of the family was always somewhat of a walking dictionary of American history. Early in their marriage, this husband and wife would spend their weekends looking at western art throughout California.

At the time, they didn’t have a dime between them to spend on fine art so it was all wishful dreaming. Some years later, while visiting family in the Phoenix area, they were given tickets to the annual Cowboy Artists of America Exhibition and Sale at the Phoenix Art Museum. Meeting many of the artists they had admired for years and seeing the artwork up close and personal was the beginning of what would be a lifetime passion for collecting American western art. Not surprising, the husband went on to become President of the Board of the Cowboy Artists of America Museum in Kerrville, Texas, now known as the Museum of Western Art. From there, the family collection continued to grow in both depth and value.

Reminiscing, the wife recalls that the best part of being avid western art buyers was the longterm friendships made along the way with collectors and artists alike. Their home in California was specifically designed and built in order to house their growing and much prized art collection. Over many years, several of the artists whose works graced the walls of the home were frequent guests.