In the News: Trailside Galleries Featured in JH Style, Summer/Fall 2014
June 2014

Leshe has been a partner at the Jackson gallery as well as its sister
storefront in Scottsdale, Arizona, since 1994. She began her career
as a salesperson at the Scottsdale space in 1976. “When the gallery
started 50 years ago, there was not much of a tourist trade in Jackson,”
she explained. “The gallery really needed to have more of a
year-round season. Arizona in the wintertime is marvelous. We’re a
destination gallery. We’re busy in the winter months in Arizona and
the summer months in Jackson.”
As a child in Paris, Leshe’s interest in art first developed as she spent
time with her grandfather, who was a professional artist. “That was
for me what really shaped my future,” she said. “I’d spend a great
deal of time in his studio. I soaked it in.”
She studied art in college but didn’t have the desire to create it herself,
according to Leshe. “I’ve always had a passion for being around
art and collecting it and just enjoying it,” she explained.
Instead, she found her niche being around art in the gallery and discovered
she really enjoyed the business end of it. “It’s a pleasure
meeting the clientele that we have,” Leshe said. “It’s enjoyable finding
just the right painting for what they’re looking for. One of the
focuses I have is constantly finding new, talented artists and introducing
them to my clients.”
Leshe and her partner, Roxanne Hofmann, were instrumental in
starting the Jackson Hole Art Auction in 2007. The auction, which
takes place each September during the Fall Arts Festival at the Center
for the Arts, is nationally recognized. “It certainly has brought
something new and exciting to Jackson,” she said. “I work all year
long to find exceptional, quality art to put into the auction.”
As part of a vetting committee for the Jackson Hole Art Auction, Leshe
has curated million dollar paintings by Fredric Remington, Maynard
Dixon and others. As a result of Leshe and Hofmann’s efforts, the
auction has now developed a niche for wildlife art, including work
by important deceased artists such as Carl Rungius and Bob Kuhn
as well as living artists, including Tucker Smith, Ken Carlson and Carl
Brenders. Many art collectors, old and new, flock to the valley each
fall for this event.
And, of course, visitors and locals alike can get a good art fix at Trailside
Galleries at 130 East Broadway. “We have a lot of experience
and a great reputation,” Leshe said. “We provide great service and a
lot of knowledge to our clients.” n Trailside Galleries Celebrates 50 Years Serving Jackson
“I’ve always had a passion for being around art
and collecting it and just enjoying it.”

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