John Seerey-Lester: Booksigning


Legends of the Hunt – Campfire Tales

When it comes to reliving in both words and paint, the greatest adventures of the world’s legendary explorers and hunters, no artist does it better than John Seerey-Lester.
His first, award-winning book, “Legends of the Hunt”, featured a stunning gallery of 105 paintings depicting illustrious outdoorsmen between the years 1849 and 1933.
Now, in “Legends of the Hunt – Campfire Tales”, the celebrated artist shares 60 true stories and more than 150 paintings and drawings that document life-and-death encounters with dangerous game and strange, often bizarre events that defy description.
Theodore Roosevelt stands fast before a charging lion; a trio of Swedish adventurers struggle to survive in the Arctic wilderness; a veteran prospector is savagely bitten by an enraged grizzly; famed explorer Carl Akeley finds himself haunted by the visage of a giant gorilla.

As you gaze at Seerey-Lester’s authentic, wonderfully absorbing images, you will smell the smoke from the campfire, feel the freezing rain against your skin and taste the dust from the African plains. Most certainly you will find yourself drifting back in time to join those honored men and women as they relate their adventures around the campfire.


• Buffalo Edition – Brown Leather-bound, limited edition of 350 with a special signed and numbered fine art print, $150.00

• Leopard Edition – Red Leather-bound, limited edition of 250, with a hand colored, signed and numbered fine art print, $250.00
• Black Leopard Edition – Black Leather bound, limited edition of 100 with an original 8x10 Seerey-Lester painting, $995.00