Trailside Galleries Newsletter
March 2019

Dear Friends,

This March, we are pleased to feature Beauty In The Journey, a showcase of new works by renown Utah based painter Robert Duncan. The show brings together a collection of recent paintings that touch on a variety of subjects which have long inspired Robert including traditional western scenes, rural and figurative works as well as wildlife subjects.

An aspiring artist from an early age, it was Robert’s childhood summers on his grandfather’s Wyoming cattle ranch that would deeply instill in him a love of nature and rural life that continues to be the central focus of his life and art today. Many of you may recall Robert’s time as an award-winning member of the Cowboy Artists of America organization back in the early 1980’s. From there, he would move on to pursue other subjects close to his heart: namely rural scenes inspired by his home state of Utah as well as subjects inspired by his travels throughout the western United States, New England and Europe. Of his newest collection of work Robert notes, “As I've planned these paintings, I've been thinking a lot about the power of beauty in our lives and how it is all around us in so many simple moments if we will just open our eyes and let it heal us and fill us with gratitude for this amazing world we live in.” I hope you have the opportunity to stop by the gallery during this show and see these remarkable paintings in person!

Jackson Hole is well known for attracting all manner of wildlife enthusiasts including artists, writers, photographers, and nature buffs. With this in mind, we are pleased to take a walk on the wild side as we present our annual Wildlife Discovery show. Many of the country’s most noted wildlife painters and sculptors participate in the event, providing an eclectic mixture of wildlife and nature subjects. We continue to see wildlife art as a dominant genre in the art world. Given the heightened awareness of global warming and fragile ecosystems, the genre has taken on a whole new dimension, as the artists strive not only to create an esthetically pleasing image, but to have it serve as an educational tool to bring more awareness to conservation. I hope that these works serve to inspire an even deeper appreciation for our relationship with nature.

Looking ahead, we have a full schedule of shows for 2019 and we look forward to assisting you whether in person or via our online platform.

Maryvonne Leshe
Managing Partner