Z.S. Liang, Western Art Collector Magazine
June 2019



Z.S. Liang: Truth in the Details 
Western Art Collector June 2019 

Truth in the Details by Dan Corazzi In his newest work, Z.S. Liang shows his continued passion for accurately portraying Native American life. 

Several months ago I had the pleasure of realizing every serious collector’s dream when I had the opportunity to “shadow” a great artist—in this case Z.S. Liang—as he developed the idea for his latest major painting, did the necessary research, prepared an initial drawing, refined subsequent drawings, prepared a study, drew the final version on the canvas, spent weeks painting the composition and, finally, made minor changes and or corrections before the painting was deemed to be complete and ready for framing. Getting to know Z.S. over the past several years, I very quickly learned that the reasons why he has been so successful in his portrayal of Native Americans, with his paintings, are varied.