Morgan Weistling: A Brush with History
Exhibition Catalog-September 2018

Morgan Weistling: A Brush with History
Showcase of New Works
September 10 - September 23, 2018
Open House: September 15, 4-7pm

Jackson, Wyoming

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“The title A Brush with History can be taken a couple of ways. I have been a professional artist for 35 years and so my ‘brush’ has quite a history of experiences. But also, my brush paints a historical time period of the American frontier and it’s inhabited by the world of characters that live on from painting to painting in a shared universe of my making. The latest paintings for this show are an extension of this universe. While putting together my new book, I was reminded of the many themes that have evolved in my work. This show was born from that introspection and it touches upon the importance of family, hard work, faith and community that helped shape the West. I never stray far from looking for the beauty of life and from being inspired by light but as always, I do so with a storyteller’s heart.” 

Morgan Weistling