Their World: Kyle Sims Exhibition Catalog
September 7 - 20, 2015

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In his Montana studio, Kyle Sims stands in front of his easel, the light streaming in through a bay of north facing windows that frame the highest peak in Montana’s Bridger Range. Known for his discipline and driven by a strong work ethic, a 40 plus hour work week in the studio is the norm for Sims. It is precisely this drive and determination that has landed the 35 year old painter in the enviable position as one of the countr y’s top contributors to the American wildlife art scene.

In the ten years since the gallery first began representing Sims, the steady and deliberate progression of his work is unmistakable. The passing years have witnessed a maturity in technical detail and with it a deeper understanding of subject matter and a well balanced approach to color, values, light and overall composition. 

Painting with a sense of immediacy, Sims takes us into the realm of North America’s most magnificent wildlife with his finely depicted scenery. An avid outdoorsman, he often paints on location, allowing him to develop a precise color palette based on his obser vations in the field. Back in the studio, these studies allow him to capture a painterly, yet realistic interpretation of his subjects for his larger easel paintings.

As you view this catalog, my hope is that you too, will be drawn into the beauty and mystery of our natural world as captured by Kyle Sims in this new collection of compelling wildlife narratives.

Maryvonne Leshe, Managing Partner