Trailside Galleries-50th Anniversary Catalog-September 2013

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Over the past fifty years, Trailside Galleries has been at the crossroads of western
American art. Founded by Dick Flood, Sr., in Idaho five decades ago, Trailside
helped birth the enthusiasm for quality western art at a time when representational
art received little respect from critics across the country. As the stewardship of the
gallery was passed on to Ginger Renner, Ted and Christine Mollring and then to me
in 1994, it was clear that western art was not merely a fleeting trend, but a lasting
genre that would speak of the country’s heritage for generations to come.
Trailside has long been and is widely acknowledged for nurturing and representing
only the best, whether it was a legend like the late Harry Jackson or John Clymer, or a
fresh new talent just emerging on the art scene. To that end, the gallery’s mission has
always remained steadfast: to be a crossroads for both established and new talent.
Looking back over my 36 years with the gallery, I could write many superlatives about
Trailside’s iconic history and list a virtual Who’s Who of renowned artists whose
works have graced our gallery walls. But rather, as we celebrate 50 years of excellence, I
would like to take a moment to convey where the gallery is headed as we look forward
to the next 50 years!
Once upon a time, getting information and images of new artwork to collectors
all around the country was a 3-5 day process: photographing the work, waiting for
the film to be developed, then mailing it to those prospective buyers. Today, in our
digital world, all it takes is the push of the “send” button, and the client has instant
gratification: the ability to view an image of a painting or sculpture that has literally,
just moments before, been unpacked at the gallery.
I am grateful to be surrounded in the gallery by a great team of people who really
understand digital technology and outreach, and who have been integral in bringing
Trailside into the digital mainstream. From our comprehensive website to our online
catalogs and expansion via Social Media, our ability to bring an artist’s finished work
to an eager collector has never been so fluid and timely.
As we move forward, the gallery continues its expansion into new styles, new
artists and broader subject matter, while maintaining our core roots of western
representational art. And seven years on, our auction
department, the Jackson Hole Art Auction, is
positioned to continue its fast pace and growth as
one of the country’s leading purveyors of works by
both deceased masters and living artists.
While advances in modern technology have served
the gallery well, it has also made the playing arena a
much more competitive one. Today, collectors have
many more resources available to them in their pursuit of fine art. In the end, however,
the gallery exists to educate collectors and to deliver a quality product made by a
person whose ideas and inspiration are conveyed with the highest skills.
Trailside is the point of connection between people who make art and people who
love it. The gallery would not enjoy its pivotal role in this marketplace without the
sound judgment and acumen of my long time friend and gallery partner Roxanne
Hofmann, the loyalty and friendship of my gallery Director, Joan Griffith, the love and
support of my husband Chuck and the dedication, professionalism and enthusiasm of
our wonderful staff.
To our longtime and new collectors and to all the artists, past and present, who have
been a part of the gallery, I extend my deepest gratitude; for all of you have played a
role in defining the very essence of this place we call Trailside Galleries.
Please join me and all the Trailside family for our gala event on August 23 at our
Jackson location. It promises to be