John McCaw

John McCaw, b. 1967, Los Angeles, California, (United States)

John McCaw is the eldest son of American expressionist Dan McCaw and brother to artist Danny McCaw. Working together as a family of artists there exists a natural alchemy. Although clearly influenced by each other, John articulates a unique vision and creativity. John has taken a path that is not limited by subject matter but is liberated by the endless tap of emotional resources. Spontaneity and instinct play a major role in the development and physicality of John's art. Absorbing the environment, painters of the past and present, and placing no limits on his imagination, John brings to his canvases not only his sensibilities but also the relationship between inner passion and the outer expression of site, mind and body. The emphasis on strong design, simple shapes, variety of surfaces and sensitive color has enabled John to create well-balanced visually stimulating art that encourages the viewer to look for answers within themselves. Each work of art contains elements of life, bits and pieces that reveal the anatomy of our existence. Many of these pieces suggest universal themes, such as human relationships, religion, graphic symbols, modern culture and so on. These themes can be interpreted on many different levels. Whether it's an emotional connection or a visual attraction, John endeavors to create an art that most accurately represents the purity of a unique experience. 'Art is the external expression of an internal emotion.

John McCaw is best known for his heavily encrusted earth tone paintings that emphasize strong design and simple shapes. McCaw’s abstract paintings engage two aspects of his academic studies in art and anthropology. Many of his works take on an organic appearance, as though dug up from the earth or washed up on the shore to reveal something from the past. Often times John’s paintings suggest universal themes such as life and death, fate and circumstance, joy and sadness, human relationships, religion, graphic symbols and modern culture.“  Each work of art contains elements of life, bits and pieces that reveal the anatomy of our existence.

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