Jeremy Browne

Jeremy Browne, b. 1977, Brampton, Ontario (Canada)

Jeremy grew up in the northern most part of Brampton Ontario, spending much of his childhood near the vast farming community of central Ontario. Born to parents who had a genuine love for the outdoors, every weekend of his youth was spent camping in northern Ontario in National and Provincial Parks. The drive from Brampton to these campgrounds is primarily through open land with little to obstruct your view of the horizon.  A simple farmhouse may be all you see for miles.

When Jeremy began showing an interest in art he naturally gravitated towards the things that he knew best; open land, farming communities and the rocky shorelines. After learning various techniques in acrylic, Jeremy found that painting the rural areas provided the greatest challenge and satisfaction. Painting these areas allowed him to explore the effect of light on the land. One of the greatest challenges was portraying various lighting effects, the early morning sunrise or a mid-winter evening. Lighting and the effects of light on the buildings in these areas provide him the passion to paint. How will these buildings and landscapes differ under the various times of the day? Trying to capture this provides new challenges each time he paints.

Most of Jeremy’s paintings are done in either late fall or winter. By painting the landscape in its barest form, there is nothing to hide the natural beauty. With summer he finds that the light is obstructed, and not allowed to shine at its purist form. “I have found that painting a winter landscape allows me to focus all of my attention on the light and mood of my painting and not focus of the foliage of a tree. This allows me to explore new ways to produce interesting lighting effects in my landscapes."

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